This may be the easiest and most delicious salad I make. All my children love it and when I take it anywhere it is an instant hit. And, talk about GOOD for you. We all know that Broccoli has twice the vitamin C of an orange, almost as much calcium as whole milk (with a better rate of absorption), and contains anti-cancer and anti-viral properties with its selenium content.

It’s important to note that broccoli is best when eaten raw, because cooking and processing destroys some of its antioxidants.

All you need for this recipe is: Broccoli – approximately 4 – 5 Cups, chopped, 1 small onion,1 Cup of Cheddar cheese and that’s it!! Well you do need 1 Cup of Mayonnaise, 2 Tbsp. of white vinegar (I use white wine vinegar) and ¼ of a Cup of Sugar.

The rest is self explanatory: Chop the Broccoli and onion, grate the cheese. Mix the mayonnaise, vinegar and sugar and mix the whole healthy wonderfulness of everything together. Told you it was easy. Some people add cooked bacon which is also wonderful which I have done in the past, it just depends on your mood!

I find it is better if you make it ahead and leave it in the refrigerator overnight – for all the flavours to meld together.

Easy Smeazy!! AND, super healthy for you.

Kathryn Hartwell

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